Scans of  Cave Time fromToday is a Beautiful Day presents: Deep Meaningful Conversation


DEEP MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION (edited by Hugo Hagger and Babette Whiting) is an anthology of nine texts that operate and move through submerged spaces, they contend with deep time, holes and ideas of closure. These writers try and locate experience and identity using the supra-sensible below spaces that offer an alternative to a surface world or reality that codifies and feels insufficient. These writers chronicle beings formed of chaos magic that cure HIV, crying drones, rat kings and Gnome strikes. They use open poetics to evoke the disorientation of a queer experience, and subvert the authority of writer over reader. At a glance this book is made up of poetry, essay, short story and research mapping- in truth the banks between these categories are consistently being broken through. What unifies them is their prowling ambiguity, erudition, excited humour and an inclination toward the subterranean; its dark and beautiful opportunity.


Contributions from: Christopher Bond, Celeste Anstruther, Hugo Hagger, Lily Hudson, Aidan Hendrickse, Francesca Telling, James Sibley and Babette Whiting.